Baruffolo feiert Doppelsieg vor Ongaro in Italien

Der amtierende IFMAR-Weltmeister der Klasse OR8 musste sich beim WarmUp der Italian Nats zweimal Marco Barufollo mit seinem Xray geschlagen geben. Marco gewann in Nitro und Elektro vor Davide Ongaro mit seinem Team Associated.

Englische Version

Report by Marco Baruffolo

Last week there was the Italian Nats Warmup at OspyTeam rc track!

On Saturday the free practices were delayed because on Friday night a heavy rain hit the track. We had Saturday afternoon until 8pm to test. We tried a lot to improve my setup because the track was so slippery with no traction.

Die Fahrzeuge von Marco

On Sunday morning we decide to change again the setup before the quals to improve and we did the right choice! Took TQ in e-buggy and 2nd in nitro after the quals.

In e-buggy final I won in A1 and A2 and took the Overall Win!

In nitro, Berton was faster than me in the start but he broke the car after 5 minutes. Stay in the lead for 20 minutes but in the end Davide overtook me. On the last lap Davide ran out of fuel and I took the win.

Nitro results:

  1. Marco Baruffolo – XRAY XB8/FX
  2. Davide Ongaro – Associated/Os
  3. Elliott Boots – Sworkz/Reds

Ebuggy results:

  1. Marco Baruffolo – XRAY XB8E
  2. Davide Ongaro – Associated
  3. Alex Zanchettin – Tlr

Quelle:  teamxray