Brunet und Sion siegreich in Frankreich

Antoine Brunet siegt mit seinem Xray T4`21 in Frankreich beim Mini Auto Club Nantais vor Valentin Peuziat und Loic Jasmin in der Modified-Klasse.

Den Bericht vom Rennen findet ihr hier:

Englische Version

Race report by Antoine Brunet

The 23 MAY 2021, Mini Auto Club Nantais (Nantes,FRANCE) organized a full electric on-road race.

In modified class, Antoine Brunet (Xray) takes the pole after three qualifying round ahead Cyril N’Diaye (Awesomatix) and Loic Jasmin (Yokomo).
Antoine Brunet sweeps A1 and A2.  Behind a closed battle between Cyril N’Diaye, Loic Jasmin Steve Favrelle (Xray) and Valentin Peuziat (Serpent)).
This last one secure the second position ahead Loic Jasmin, Cyril N ‚Diaye and Steve Favrelle. Remi Callens comes in sixth position.

Modified results:
1.         Antoine Brunet – XRAY T4’21
2.         Valentin Peuziat – Serpent
3.         Loic Jasmin – Yokomo

In stock class, Benjamin Sion takes the pole ahead Anthony Rollier and Antoine Bibollet. After a super closed race and some such nice battle, Benjamin takes the win.
Anthony Rollier and Antoine Bibollet have completed the podium.

Stock class results:
1.         Benjamin Sion – XRAY T4’20
2.         Anthony Rollier – XRAY T4’20
3.         Antoine Bibollet – XRAY T4’20

Quelle:  teamxray