GT5 Valkyrie von Grafilbodies

Grafilbodies hat diese GT5 Valkyrie Karosserie auf den Markt gebracht. Entworfen von Filippo Panto mit Inspirationen vom Aston Martin Valkyrie 2020 AMR. Die erste Karosserie wurde Marc Kreisig (RC gewidmet. Man sieht es am Namensschild.

Die Karosserie passt auf den MCD XS5 bzw. Onroader von MCD / MCD MAX.

Englische Version

GraFil strikes again! After months of careful study and preparation we are proud to present our new creature … the „GT5 Valkyrie“ inspired by the Aston Martin Valkyrie 2020 AMR.
It was designed by Filippo Pantò with the intention of being exploited with the best aerodynamic performance and lightness on the on-road models MCD and MCD MAX.
The „Gt5 Valkyrie“ body is easily fixed on the front and rear mounting towers of the MCD XS5 with the only inversion of the small rear horizontal frame on which the rear pin tower is mounted.
Special thanks to Marc Kreisig (RC for his invaluable and multi-year collaboration and to whom we have dedicated this first body!

Quelle: Grafilbodies,