Derderian siegt beim Rennen in Frankreich

In Frankreich wird auch GT8 gefahren. Dort gewann in Ampuis auf seiner Heimstrecke Michael Derderian mit seinem XRAY GTXE.

Englische Version

Report by Michael Derderian

It was the first race of the season (Friendship race) on my home track in Ampuis in France.

The new GTXE 2022 worked very well with the victory at the end of the race.But it was before all, a special moment for me because it was the first race of my son (only 7 years old) and I’m very proud of him.

See you soon on the track.

GT results:

  1. Michael Derderian – XRAY GTXE
  2. David Lalanne
  3. Nathan Derderian – XRAY GTXE

Quelle:  teamxray