IFMAR – Aktuelles zum Rennkalender 2021/22

Von der IFMAR kommt eine neue Information über den Rennkalender für 2021/22. Im März 2021 gab es bereits ein Statement und nun folgte trotz Verschiebung der 1/10th ISTC World Championships in Gubbio / Italien die Absage wegen der COVID Situation. Man hat sich dafür entschieden, die Weltmeisterschaft auf 2022 zu verschieben. Dazu wird der Rennkalender in den nächsten Wochen angepasst.

Die offizielle Meldung:

On June 6th The IFMAR committee and its member blocs had had a meeting related to the race calendar for this year and 2022. Unfortunately due to travel restrictions for various parts of the World it has been decided to cancel all events for 2021. Although the COVID situation in some regions seems to improve there are still a lot of worries elsewhere. Several countries or even parts of these nations do and will impose restrictions for leaving and entering the country. Postponing decisions any further is unreasonable as the organization of a world championship requires its time. For the next electric event there are also several approval procedures to be set up way before the start of the event. This led to the cancelation of the 1/10th ISTC World championships in Gubbio for this year. The event will be moved to 2022. The revised IFMAR calendar will published as soon as all involved parties are confirmed

Quelle: IFMAR