Lutka siegt in Skripov

In unserem Nachbarland, der czechischen Republik siegte am Wochenende Stefan Lutka mit seinem Xray.

Seinen Bericht könnt ihr hier nachlesen.

Englische Version 

Race report by Stefan Lutka

Over the weekend we finally took part in the races that took place in the neighboring in the Czech Republic on a fantastically prepared track in Skripov. On Friday we spent a while on my XRAY XB8E’21 worked great with basic setup, I won all the TQ which made me very happy but the competition was huge, so I knew that the finals would be very difficult.

A1 went fantastically but in the second and third finals the superstars did not give me a place for any mistake.

Thank you to the organizers for the great conditions and an amazing team. Xray shop sk, rc svet bratislava, village Voderady thank you

Ebuggy results:

  1. Stefan Lutka – XRAY XB8E‘21
  2. Ondrej Kulhanek – XRAY XB8E‘21
  3. Honza Koziel – Associated

Quelle:  teamxray