Schumacher LD2 Karosserien von Mon-Tech Racing

Mon-Tech Racing baut sein Karosserieprogramm weiter aus. In Zusammenarbeit mit Michal Orlowski einstanden die folgenden beiden Karosserien für den Schumacher LD2. Diese gibt es in zwei Versionen für Teppich und Lehm,wie man auch unschwer an den Karosserieformen sehen kann.

Englische Version

New Stealth Off Road bodyshell for Schumacher LD2

The bodyshell was developed in collaboration with Team Schumacher’s top driver Michal Orlowsky.

It comes in two versions: Stealth Carpet and Stealth Dirt.

Both models have been developed to give maximum traction and steering in their respective racing conditions.

Stealth Dirt offers incredible traction on low-grip terrain, while Stealth Carpet has an excellent corner entry, ideal for Carpet races.

Both versions come lightweight and are printed with top quality polycarbonate and Mon-tech Racing state of the art molding technology.

Quelle: Mon-Tech Racing