Baruffolo gewinnt GP Di Lombardia in Italien

Einen Sieg erreichte Marco Baruffolo am letzten Sonntag beim GP Di Lombardia in Italien vor Andrea Di Cecco und Michael Landolina.

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Race Report by Marco Baruffolo

On 25th July there was the GP Di Lombardia. I decided to go just to test something on the car and try the saddle pack layout and brick layout on XRAY XB8E.

The race was only on Sunday with one round of free practice, 3 quals and 3 finals. My personal program for the race was to use the saddle pack layout on morning and the brick one in the afternoon. I started with the saddle pack layout on the car and was really easy and fast to drive. After Q1 I switched the layout and try the brick one. In the last Q I made the TQ but I was slower 0.6/0.7 seconds per lap compare to the saddle pack layout. In the finals I won all 3 main and took the overall win.

What can I say is the saddle pack layout is easier to drive, faster and with a lower roll center I can use a more aggressive setup on the car so it’s totally better than brick layout.

  1. Marco Baruffolo – XRAY XB8E
  2. Andrea Di Cecco – HB
  3. Michael Landolina – HB

Quelle:  teamxray