ARC R8S-21 1/8 Elektro Onroad Pan Car

Basierend auf der R8S Plattform kommt der neue R8S-21 von ARC. Dabei handelt es sich um ein 1/8 Onroad Pan Car Fahrzeug mit neuem Chassis. Das Fahrzeug ist ausgelegt für 2S Lipo Akkus für zwei verschiedene Layouts, Endweder stehend oder liegend.

Englische Version

ARC R8S-21 1/8th Electric On-Road Pan Car

Based on the successful R8S On-Road Pan Car platform, The R8S-21 incorporates a number of refinements and option parts for even greater performance out of the box. The main chassis has been redesigned for the R8S-21 with the slots removed to improve chassis rigidity and handling. The original chassis linkage bars have been replaced with 2.0mm chassis flex plates for increased overall stability and traction. The optional body-shell mount plate is now standard and the front droop is now fully adjustable on the R8S-21. Also standard on the R8S-21 is the steel rear main shaft for increased strength and durability.

The R8S-21 now only accepts standard 2S Lipo batteries with 2 different layouts available

– laid down side-by-side or stood-up along the center.

Both layouts work extremely well but offer different handling characteristics to suit your driving style and track conditions.

Quelle: ARC und LMI-Racing