Götzl feiert Doppelsieg bei den Czech Nationals

Mit einem Doppelsieg beendete Max Götzl die Czech Nationals in den Klassen Offroad 1/8 Elektro und Nitro. Mit diesem Erfolg konnte sich Max die Meisterschaft sichern. Mehr darüber in seinem Bericht:

Englische Version

Report by Max Gotzl

The last round of 1/8 off-road 2021 Czech Nationals took a place last weekend at my home track in MaxLand, Horni Jeleni.

It rained during the week before the race, which meant we didn’t have to put much effort into watering the track on Friday and it was all going nice. On Saturday morning few spots got dry, these spots were watered twice during the day, which provided excellent conditions with almost no dust at all.

We had 4 rounds of qualifying for both classes. I was able to take the TQ in all the quails to lock the pole position in both main events. Martin Milowsky lined up 2nd and Jaroslav Valder 3rd on the E-buggy A-main grid, while Jan Horacek was 2nd and Jan Hrdlicka 3rd in Nitro.

E-buggy finals started out great with me taking the win in A1 and A2 with big comfortable gap to secure the overall win! Then it was a tough battle for second, as I didn’t start the A3. In the end we saw Martin Milowsky and Jaroslav Valder retain their starting positions and finish 2nd and 3rd respectively. The Nitro main final was voted to be 45min long, which played a role in deciding what tires to run, while keeping in mind the engine and its mileage. Luckily, I made the right choices and my car was super easy to drive for the whole main, which I was able to win with a huge gap without making any crash. Jan Hrdlicka took the overall 2nd place and Jan Horacek 3rd.

As this was the last round this year, the overall season ceremony was held after the race. I became the Czech National champion in both classes, Nitro and E-buggy for 2021!

In E-buggy Martin Milowsky became the vice-champ and Jaroslav Valder finished 3rd. In Nitro Jan Hujer took the vice-champion position and Jan Hrdlicka finished 3rd.

Both my XRAY vehicles, XRAY XB8 & XB8E’21, have been incredible the whole season and I cannot thank more to my sponsors for providing me with such a good equipment! Big thanks to my parents for everything they do for me. Let’s hope we will have the same fun next season as well, but now it’s time to look forward to starting the indoor carpet season hopefully! See everyone soon by the trackside!

Nitro Round 4 results:

  1. Gotzl Max – XRAY XB8
  2. Hrdlicka Jan – XRAY XB8
  3. Horacek Jan

Nitro overall season results:

  1. Gotzl Max – XRAY XB8
  2. Hujer Jan
  3. Hrdlicka Jan – XRAY XB8

E-buggy round 4 results:

  1. Gotzl Max – XRAY XB8E
  2. Milowsky Martin
  3. Valder Jaroslav – XRAY XB8E

E-buggy overall season results:

  1. Gotzl Max – XRAY XB8E
  2. Milowsky Martin
  3. Valder Jaroslav – XRAY XB8E


Quelle:  teamxray