SMART-Workshop – SMART Engine Lapping System

Das SMART Engine Lapping System bietet die Möglichkeit zum Einlaufen eures Nitromotor.

Genaueres dazu erfahrt ihr in der Beschreibung vom Hersteller.

Englische Version

SMART Engine Lapping System offered a switchable module between the Oil Bath Break In Method and Running Oil Break In Method, you can select a specific module for your preference.

Main Features:

SMART System – The system is integrated with a Touch Panel for an easier and user-friendly operating experience. All of the parameters can be adjusted with the touch panel flawlessly and saved for your next break-in. SMART System is not only customizable for a personal break in preference, but it also included the Parameter Safety Warning to ensure your Parameter Setting is in a “Safe Range”. For the hardware, the system had built-in sensors to detect the system is working in good conditions as always and it will be warning the user once the system detected any unusual issues.

Included 2 Mode – Mode 1 is designed for idle RPM your engine at the beginning of break in. In Mode 2, you can adjust each stage of lapping RPM and Duration, the system will increase the RPM smoothly according to the parameter. The Continuous option is available for operating the Mode 2 automatically after Mode 1 is done.

Oil Filter – Filter the oil before going into your engine. This is one of the most important features of this system, keep the oil clean to avoid any unexpected damage to the engine. *Only available in Oil Running

Built-in heater and fan cooler – To control your engine temperature in a faster and accurate way. Heating the engine to a specific temperature before each operating is very important to a new engine. Piston and Linear can be damaged if the temperature is not reached the operating temperature. The system will also cool down the engine to a specific temperature after each operating. Cooling down a hot engine may take a long time, the included cooling fan can be done this quicker and reliable than manually. Temperature control is one of the keys in the engine break in process. 

Fuses and Firmware Upgrade Port – Fuses protected all the hardware in the system to prevent any unexpected issues. Keep your system updated with a communication cable. The system’s firmware is upgradable, we will launch a new firmware to all the users if there are bug fixes needed or new features available.

Customizable Parameter – Engine Break In preference may be variant to any user from the field, so the flexibility of the system is important for a professional tool. The adjustable parameters are designed from our experience and a ton of testing in this project to make sure all necessary parameter is available in the system.

Difference between Premium and Basic version – Basically both Basic and Premium version SMART Engine Lapping System offers the same firmware and features. The main difference between the two systems is the Premium version included additional CNC aluminum plates and Safety Cover.