Interprovincial Offroad Championship Rd 1, Argentina

Die Interprovincial Offroad Championship Rd 1 fanden zuletzt in Argentinien statt. 

Nicolas Bregante berichtete davon:

In the province of Rosario, on the Aeronorte RC Track circuit, the last round of the 2021 closing ceremony was held together with the 2022 opening of the Interprovincial off road championship.

Participate with Nitro buggy with my XRAY XB8 powered by the FX K303; a great combo that gave me the TQ and the victory after 45 minutes in the final with Matias Cardin also with XRAY XB8 and in 3rd place Martin Crivello with another XRAY XB8! Triple podium for the XRAY in the Pro!

With this result, having managed to obtain the 3 races of the interprovincial championship, I was crowned champion 2021! And start well with the opening championship of 2022!

Thank you very much for everything as always to those who support me; and to those who make this possible so that I can develop this hobby.

GL Competizione


FX Engines


Covino Design


Buggy Pro results:

  1. Nico Bregante (TQ) – XRAY XB8/FX
  2. Matias Cardin – XRAY XB8
  3. Martin Crivello  – XRAY XB8

Ebuggy results:

  1. Matias Cardin TQ – XRAY XB8E
  2. Fede Diaz – XRAY XB8E
  3. Benja Ibarra – XRAY XB8E

Buggy Open results:

  1. Mauro Bellina – XRAY XB8
  2. Hernan Hospital – XRAY XB8
  3. Fernando Caligiuri

Truggy results:

  1. Andres Rios (TQ) – XRAY XB8
  2. Gustavo Alberdi – XRAY XB8
  3. Javier Lucero

Buggy +45 results:

  1. Jose Luis Carreno
  2. Marcelo Ibarra – XRAY XB8
  3. Cesar Christian


Quelle:  teamxray