AVID – Untere Dämpferbefestigung für 1/10

Eine neue Möglichkeit der unteren Dämpferbefestigung für 1/10er Modelle bietet Avid mit diesen Haltern aus Titan. Da wird einfach die untere Kugel der Kugelpfanne drüber geschoben und dann mit einer selbstsichernden Mutter montiert.

Englische Version

Avid Lower Shock Mounts | 10th | Titanium
Our Titanium Lower Shock Mounts for 10th scale vehicles make it easy for getting your shocks off and on while not wearing out the plastic from repeated uses. The one design feature we added to this common product is the 6 small holes in each mount. They are not there to lose weight but rather to help keep the mount from backing out as easily when taking the nut off the end, acting as a bit of a serration.
 Machined from billet 6Al-4V Titanium.
 6 small holes in each mount to act as a bit of a serration so it will stay in more securely.
 Has a 1.5mm Allen head for installation.
 No threads where your shock eyelet rests.
 Fits common 10th scale vehicles.
 Each package includes (2) lower shock mount screws and (2) aluminum M3 flanged locknuts.

AV10078 Avid Lower Shock Mounts | 10th | Titanium $20.00 now.

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Quelle: AVIDRC