Avid FastTune Camber Shims

Es gibt von AVID diese FastTune Camber Shims in jeweils zwei Größen zu 4 Stück im Set. Diese sind 0,5 und 1mm dick und zum Einstellen des Nachlaufes an den oberen Querlenkern zum Beispiek am RC8B4, MBX8R, XB8 und Fahrzeugen mit passender Montage.

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Avid FastTune Camber Shims
RC8B4, MBX8R, XB8 | (4) 0.5mm / (4) 1.0mm
The FastTune Camber Shims are made from aluminum and designed to allow you to easily adjust your camber on popular pillow ball designs without having to fully unthread them. The tab feature helps you keep them in place as you tighten down the pillow ball. Don’t get caught up in all the complicated sizes AE has introduced, 0.5 and 1.0mm shims have been working for Mugen since the dawn of time.

 FastTune your camber on popular pillow ball designs such as RC8B4, MBX8R, and XB8.
 Tab feature to allow you to hold them in place as you tighten the pillow ball in.
 Material: Aluminum 6065-T6, anodized black
 Fits: RC8B4/3, MBX8/7, XB8, and other cars with 6mm threaded pillow balls.
 Includes: (4) 0.5mm, (4) 1.0mm Shims.

Artikelnummer: AV1814-SET FastTune Camber Shims für RC8B4, MBX8R, XB8 | (4) 0.5mm / (4) 1.0mm

UVP: $14.00 now

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