Menicucci siegt bei den AMSCI Italian Nationals Round 2

Das zweite Rennen der AMSCI Italian Nationals fand am Wochenende in Livorno in Italien statt. Davon berichtet Alesso Menicucci in Englisch:

Second round of Amsci Italian Nats was held last week end in Livorno on the “Rc Gymnasium” track. Drivers were divided in 4 classes: F1, Touring FWD, 13.5 Efra F2 and 13.5 Efra F1. This time modified had no entries so I decided to drive in 13.5 Efra class.

My car was on point all week end and it allowed me to be TQ in front of my teammates Domanin Filippo and Fenili Orlando. After some tight finals I won the race, Orlando was 2nd and Filippo 3rd.

13.5 results:

  1. Menicucci Alessio – XRAY X4
  2. Fenili Orlando – XRAY X4
  3. Domanin Filippo – XRAY X4
  4. Valentini Alessio – Awesomatix
  5. Fabiano Roberto – XRAY X4
  6. Raciti Salvatore – Awesomatix
  7. Bianchi Alessandro – Mugen
  8. Marletta Gilles – Awesomatix
  9. Fenili Riccardo – XRAY X4
  10. Pacini Daniele – Awesomatix

Many thanks to all XRAY drivers for the great effort showed during the race. Good job guys!


Quelle: teamxray