iRacing T04 3 Port Touring On/Road .12 Motor

Diesen neuen iRacing T04 3-Port Touring On/Road Ceramic DLC .12 Motor zeigte BMT auf ihrer Seite. Der Motor basiert auf dem berühmten O.S. T1204 Motor.

Englische Version

iRacing T04 3 Port Touring On/Road Ceramic DLC .12 Engine
This is New iRacing T04 .12 Touring engine.
Engine is based on famous O.S. T1204 engine, is the best product, with treatment DLC Long Life

The new crankshaft gives the engine a better balancing. This will reduce the vibration produced by the rotating and the alternating masses. With Special „Long Life DLC“ treatment.
Cooling head
Light type, drilled for lowered weight. Silver color.
Rear Ball Bearing
Is in Ceramic O.S. quality.
3 Ports ABC Piston Sleeve
The new engine boasts 3-port piston liner to improve torque in low-middle power range. It produces enough power as designed even in high traction tracks.
Crankshaft TURBO
The redesigned crankshaft counter weight enables smooth power transition from low to top
Inner Head
An silicon O-ring fit to the inner head prevents dust from coming into the engine.

Technical Data
C.Capacity : 2,1 cc
Power: 1.75HP R.P.M. 35.000 Rpm
Bore : 13,67 mm
Stroke : 14,30 mm
Ports : 3
Crankshaft : 12,0 mm Turbo Tuned
carburettor : 5.5mm metal + reducer
Bougie : Turbo
Main Bearing : Ceramic


Quelle: BMT Team