Entschieden – MRCP Series Round 3

In Österreich auf der tollen Strecke des RC Parndorf gab es den dritten Lauf der MRCP Series. Mit Havranek, Izay und Bilweis  konnten drei Xray Fahrer gewinnen. Mehr in dem Bericht von Adam Izsay.

Englische Version

3rd round of the MRCP series took place last weekend at the beautiful track of RC Parndorf in Austria.

There were 5 different classes run on the race, TC Modified, Stock 13.5, Stock 17.5, FWD and Pro 10.

In modified Oliver Havranek took TQ and then won all 3 finals to take Win in front of Christoph Holzer both with X4.

Modified results:

  1. Oliver Havranek – XRAY X4
  2. Christoph Holzer
  3. Crew MRCP

In Stock 13.5 I was able to TQ all qualy rounds and Win also the finals with Christian Steinbrugger in 2nd and Marcell Wostalek with an X4 in 3rd.

13.5 stock results:

  1. Adam Izsay – XRAY X4
  2. Christian Steinbrugger
  3. Marcel Wostalek – XRAY X4

In Stock 17.5 Oliver Bilweis also driving an Xray X4 took the TQ and was also able to win the first two finals to take the overall victory.

17.5 stock results:

  1. Oliver Bilweis – XRAY X4
  2. Chrisoph Mican
  3. Hermann Boehz

So at the end XRAY X4 dominated all TC classes at the event.

Thanks to RC Parndorf for perfect organization and hosting this nice race.


Quelle: teamxray