Hönigl und Widmaier siegreich bei den Austrian Nationals R3

Der dritte Lauf der Austrian Nationals fand am letzten Wochenende beim RMC Wien statt. Von dem Rennen berichtete Hupo Honigl (in Englisch):

The 3rd round of the Austrian Nationals in 1/10th Buggy took place at the Astro track of the RMC Wien in Ebreichsdorf, which is probably the most technical and difficult track we have in Austria at the moment.

In 2wd qualifying it was a 3-way battle between Grainer, Widmaier and Honigl with Micha taking the TQ in front of Lucas and Hupo. In the finals it was a very intense and close battle between Widmaier and Honigl, going until the last lap in A3 where Micha took the win.

In 4wd Hupo could take the 3rd time the TQ spot this season and finally convert it into a win.

One round before the end the National titles are already allocated, although there is still chance to have a tie on points between Hupo and Micha in both classes – this will be decided in just a few weeks.

4WD results:

  1. Hupo Honigl – XRAY
  2. Micha Widmaier – Sworkz
  3. Lucas Grainer – XRAY
  4. Antonia Kovalski – Sworkz
  5. Peter Pinisch – AE
  6. Michael Katzmayer – XRAY
  7. Thomas Dvorszky – XRAY
  8. Martin Kreil – XRAY
  9. Michael Skolnik – XRAY
  10. Hannes Mayer – XRAY

 2WD results:

  1. Micha Widmaier – Sworkz
  2. Hupo Honigl – XRAY
  3. Lucas Grainer – XRAY
  4. Martin Kreil – XRAY
  5. Philipp Stocker – XRAY
  6. Peter Pinisch – AE
  7. Robin Riedmann – AE
  8. Antonia Kovalski – Sworkz
  9. Hannes Mayer – XRAY
  10. Michael Katzmayer – XRAY


Quelle: teamxray