A10MF FWD Kit – Der Fronti von ARC

Da ist der neue FWD von ARC. Dieser basiert auf der aktuellen A10 Plattform.

Die hat ein Mittelmotor, tiefen Schwerpunkt, 120g Messinggewichte liege bei und das Fahrzeug ist an vielen Stellen einstellbar (Spur, Sturz, Nachlauf, Bodenfreiheit, Rollcenter uvm.)

Engische Version

The latest release from ARC is a front wheel drive chassis based on the new A10 platform. Known as the A10MF,
ARC’s latest FWD chassis is a mid-motor design that keeps all transmission parts as low as possible.

The super LCGdesign helps to improve the handling, especially on the high traction indoor carpet tracks.
A total of 120g of brass weights are included in the A10MF kit, with 80g directly behind the front bumper.

2 pcs of 10g are then placed inboard of each front suspension arm, both helping to increase front wheel traction and increase overall stability,
while keeping the weight as close to the centerline as possible.

New improved V3 Upper A-arms are included to further improve rigidity and durability.

ARC’sV2 caster gauge is included with the A10MF for racers to easily adjust caster angle without extra tools.


Quelle : www.arc-rc.com.tw