SPower S6TT Dark Edition Engine

Einen neuen Motor gibt es mit dem SPower „Dark Edition“ für Offroad 1/8.Sehr selbst:

Englische Version

The SPower S6TT “Dark Edition” is the next step in the development of the successful S6TT. This special edition impresses with improved stationary operation and vibration-reduced running behavior in the high speed range. Of course, it has all the features of a top high-performance engine, such as DLC crankshaft and high-tech ceramic main bearings. All this is available with the S6TT at an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

The SPower S6TT has a 3+2 port design in a die-cast crankcase. Its high-quality bearings, made in Japan at the front and a ceramic main bearing, make the SPower S6TT what off-road drivers expect from a racing engine: durability, stability and user-friendliness.

The SPower S6TT features an aluminum carburettor with a very effective isolation ring and laser engraving. This carburettor consists of a smaller internal channel that offers more stable running and an optimal consumption/performance ratio. Depending on the vehicle and driving style, 10-minute refueling stops are possible!

The cylinder head includes an O-ring to reduce vibration and optimize concentricity. The cooling head was anodized in 2 colors and makes the SPower S6TT “Dark Edition” an engine that draws everyone’s attention

  • Hard-chromed 3-channel +2 boost Cylinder Liner
  • Aluminum piston CNC machined
  • 14 mm DLC crankshaft balanced with silicone insert
  • Aerodynamically optimized connecting rod
  • Cooling head with low center of gravity anodized in 2 colors
  • Cylinder head with integrated O-ring
  • 14 mm ceramic main bearings (Made in Switzerland)
  • 7.5mm aluminum 3-needle carburettor
  • Displacement: 3.49cc
  • Bore: 16.03mm
  • Stroke: 17.30mm
  • Power: 2.75 hp at 34,500 rpm


SPower S6TT “Dark Edition” Competition DLC Ceramic .21 Racing Off Road

Street Price € 339.00

Quelle: MW-Cars / Sworkz