Avid Shock Parts Box | 10th | vorn & hinten

Von AVID gibt es zwei Plastikboxen die sepeziell für Dämpferteile geeignet sind.Diese gibt es für die vorderen und hinteren Dämpferteile, wobei es extra Pins für die Kolbenplatten gibt.

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Get ready to dive into a world of fun and organization with this incredible shock parts box! Picture this: it’s the brainchild of the talented Bryan Badgett, all the way from vibrant Denver, Colorado. This handy box takes your springs (12/13mm), pistons, rod ends, spring cups, and even your Avid Ringer cartridges and collars and transforms them into an organized wonderland like you’ve never seen before!

It’s like stepping into a magical realm of perfect arrangement and effortless accessibility. With this ingenious creation, you’ll be able to keep your shock parts in tip-top shape while reveling in the joy of staying impeccably organized. Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey of spring storage, piston perfection, and rod end bliss!


  • Stores all your 10th scale front shock parts in a handy box. 
  • Designed and produced by Bryan Badgett in Denver CO.






Shock Parts Box | 10th | Front




Shock Parts Box | 10th | Rear



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Quelle: AVIDRC