Sieg für Xray bei der Portuguese Touring Series

In Portugal gab es am Wochenende den zweiten Lauf der PTS (Portuguese Touring series) bei der auch Alexander Hagberg vor Ort war.

Von diesem Rennen berichtet genau dieser Alexander Hagberg:
The 2nd round of the popular PTS (Portuguese Touring) series was once again held at the facilities of the CRB Benfica club, in Monsanto, Lisbon. The race saw drivers in 3 different classes.

In the 13.5T TC blinky class, I was able to take the TQ spot by winning all 4 qualifiers. I lined up first on the grid in front of my team mate Rui Rodrigues, with Rodrigo Ferreira in 3rd (also running an X4’23). After some very strong finals for the team, we managed to hold on to the top 3 spots, securing a podium lockout! Sergio Marques finished in 5th position, which meant that we had 4x X4’23 cars in the top 5!

13.5T TC blinky results:
1. Alexander Hagberg – XRAY X4’23
2. Rui Rodrigues – XRAY X4’23
3. Rodrigo Ferreira – XRAY X4’23
4. Hugo Miguel
5. Sergio Marques – XRAY X4’23
6. Miguel Diass
7. Goncalo Almeida
8. Joao Rodrigues

The Formula class was dominated from start until end by Joao Nascimento, who brought his XRAY X1 car to the winner’s circle, after converting his TQ into a win!

Formula results:
1. Joao Nascimento – XRAY X1
2. Mario Coelho
3. Jorge Azinheira


Quelle: teamxray