Neue hintere Platte für den Cat L1R

Von Schumacher Racing Products kommt die hinter Platte aus Kohlefaser, wodurch eine weichere Feder und längere Spurstange (Lochposition) gefahren werden kann.

Englische Version

The C/F wider rear link mount has been used by the team to add roll stiffness but in a different way to the usual. It has allowed the car to use a softer spring and a longer camber link position on the hub carrier.
The team has found that this will keep the car flatter in the turn. It has 2 widths, the widest being for carpet as it is the most aggressive on initial steering and then the narrow setting for astro.

Definitely worth having available as a tuning aid.


Artikelnummer: U8537 – C/F Wide Rear Link Mount – L1R

Quelle: Schumacher Racing und  CS-SHOP