Iris Product Release

Heute hat Ruddog Distribution ein paar neue Teile für den Elektro 1/10 Tourenwagen auf den Markt gebracht.Dies könnt ihr hier sehen:

IRIS-75005 Iris ONE Steel LiPo Holder

The Iris ONE Steel LiPo Holder adds an extra 12g of weight, optimizing your chassis‘ weight distribution. Ideal for fine-tuning and enhanced handling.

IRIS-75003 Iris ONE Motor Mount Weight 13g

The Iris ONE Motor Mount Weight 13g is a specially designed additional weight for the Iris ONE touring car. Weighing in at 13 grams and centrally positioned within the vehicle, it minimally impacts the weight ratio, ensuring it doesn’t negatively affect performance and handling characteristics.

IRIS-75002 Iris ONE Rear Chassis Weight 18g

Fine-tune your Iris ONE with the Iris ONE Rear Chassis Weight. This specially designed additional weight is conceived to weight down the rear of your chassis, enhancing traction and stability during demanding driving conditions. Weighing 18g, it integrates seamlessly into the Iris ONE chassis, ensuring the perfect balance and handling of your vehicle.

IRIS-42005 Iris ONE 1.0mm Anti-Roll Bar

Explore more setup options for your Iris ONE with our new 1.0mm Anti-Roll Bar. This softer variant complements our existing 1.1mm to 1.4mm stabilizers, expanding your range for fine-tuning the Chassis.

IRIS-51009 Iris ONE Spring Set C=9.8 (2pcs)

IRIS-51010 Iris ONE Spring Set C=11.2 (2pcs)

IRIS-51011 Iris ONE Spring Set C=23.9 (2pcs)


Quelle: Ruddog