Revolution Design B7 -1° Aluminium HD Aufhängungsträger C (black)

Es gibt einen neuen Aluminium Schwinegenhalter für die Team Associated RC10B7 und B7D von Revolution Design. Lest selbst.

Englische Version

The Revolution Design Racing Products (RDRP) B7 -1° Aluminium HD Suspension Mount C (RDRP0654) is a premium option for the Team Associated RC10B7 and RC10B7D buggy. Compared to the standard suspension mount, this mount is slightly wider and reduces the rear axle toe-in by 1° per side, allowing for 0° toe-in configuration. Unlike the B6.4 version, where a similar suspension mount was offered from RDRP as a D Suspension mount, this is now a C suspension mount. This change does not reduce the vehicle width, and so helps especially on astroturf and carpet tracks to free up the car. This part also has an increased amount of material around the suspension mount inserts for increased durability.


  • High-quality 7075 aluminium
  • Heavy-Duty design
  • Reduces rear axle toe-in by 1° per side
  • Allows for 0° toe-in configuration
  • Direct replacement for the standard C-block suspension mount


  • Material: Aluminium
  • Color: Black
  • Fits: Team Associated RC10B7 and RC10B7D


Quelle: Ruddog