P-GT3R‘ 1/7 Karosserie für ARRMA

Ihr seid auf der Suche nach einer 1/7 Karosserie und dann speziell für das Arrma Infraction V2 Fahrzeug? Dann könnte diese P-GT3R Karosserie eine Wahl sein. Lackieren müsst ihr diese selber.

Englische Version

The body has been designed on the ARRMA® Infraction™ V2 chassis; also compatible for Limitless™ model.

For the first time ever, everything included into the kit arrive already pre-cut: the body, the wing, the light buckets, the front aero flaps, everything is laser-cut to perfection to give the user the max. comfort and pleasure of a premium quality product.

>> Made with high quality and genuine polycarbonate 1.5mm thick

>> Included in the kit a complete set of screw/nuts/washers to fix properly the wing

>> Specs: length 721mm, width 311mm, height 173,5mm

>> Wheelbase: 406mm (with ARRMA dBoots® Hoons™ wheels)

>> Sold clear with protective film outside

>> Included in the package a decal sheet pre-cut, windows mask ⠀



Born from the desire to create an extraordinary product developed specifically for ARRMA, with the main intention of offering an iconic body shape for fans of real GT3 racing cars; during the design process, we thought about every possible detail, which led us to include, along with the body shell, parts that complete the unmistakable style of the P-GT3R and its racing look:

  • The front light buckets, a detail that lends a truly stunning realism
  • The front side aero flaps, to be fixed with double-sided adhesive tape, which give that extra racing touch

Huge rear wing in pure GT3 championship car style to complete the true racing car look


Quelle: BittydesignRuddog