JULIA von Mon-Tech Racing

Von Mon-Tech Racing ist eine neue Karosserie für die Kategorie Elektro 1/10 Tourenwagen vorgestellt wurden. Julia, so der Name ist die neues Karosserie.

Englische Version

Mon-Tech Racing is proud to present the new JULIA bodyshell for Touring Car classes!

Extensive track testing has shown the JULIA to be a high-performance bodyshell solution. It excels in straight-line speed, a major advantage for STOCK classes. Additionally, the JULIA boasts excellent stability and cornering, meeting the demands of modern bodyshell design.

Two versions are available: „Standard“, weighing approximately 80 grams, and „La Leggera“ version, coming in at a lightweight of approximately 60 grams.

The JULIA is printed using high-quality polycarbonate and includes window masks, headlight decals, and all the screws and washers needed to secure the rear wing.


Quelle: Mon-Tech Racing