AEROX Lötstation 150HS

Im Modellbau kommt es vor, dass u.a. Stecker an Kabeln neu angelötet werden müssen. Hinzu kommen weitere Lötarbeiten, die mit der richtigen Lötstation einfacher von der Hand gehen. Aerox bietet eine solche mit interessantem Zubehör.

Englische Version

Introducing from AEROX the awesome 150HS Soldering Station.

A fully adjustable quality soldering station at a great price.


– 150W of power!
 Fully adjustable temperature from 100 to 500 Degrees C.
– Super fast heat up.
– Fantastic tip cleaning solutions.
– Internal solder roll holder – Never lose your solder. Allows solder to be dispensed through the front of the unit so always ready to use. (Not pictured)
– Available with 3 different plugs for UK and Europe (220-240V) and USA (110-120V). 
– Large bevel tip included, optional fine point and chisel tips available.
– Optional  ‚Helping Hands‘ to assist when soldering.


Model – 150HS
Power – 150W
Input Voltage – 120VAC (USA) / 230VAC (UK/EU) (50-60Hz)
Temp. Range – 100-500℃(212-932℉)
Temp. Stability – ±2℃(±4℉) {>200℃(400℉)}
Temp. Compensation – ±50℃(±90℉)
Temp. Display – Digital
Tip to ground impedance – <0.1Ω
Tip to ground voltage – <2mV
Heater – T60 integrated PTC ceramic heater
Cable length – Power cord: 90cm Handle cable: 1.2m
Dimensions main unit: 80 x 184 x 142mm handle: 24.5 x 224mm
Net weight 516g


AX069 – AEROX Soldering Station 150HS UK 220-240V
AX070 – AEROX Soldering Station 150HS EU 220-240V
AX071 – AEROX Soldering Station 150HS US 110-120V

AX072 – AEROX 150HS Soldering Iron Helping Hands
AX073 – AEROX Solder 30g Reel
AX074 – AEROX 150HS Brass Wool Soldering Tip Cleaner
AX075 – AEROX 150HS Soldering Iron Sponge Cleaner
AX076 – AEROX 150HS Soldering Tip 220-240V Fine Point
AX077 – AEROX 150HS Soldering Tip 220-240V Large Bevel
AX078 – AEROX 150HS Soldering Tip 220-240V Medium Chisel
AX079 – AEROX 150HS Soldering Tip 110-120V Fine Poin
AX080 – AEROX 150HS Soldering Tip 110-120V Large Bevel
AX081 – AEROX 150HS Soldering Tip 110-120V Medium Chisel

Quelle: Schumacher Racing und  CS-SHOP