Update – BLITZ EK9-MK2 FWD Karosserie

Es gibt eine neue Variante der im Jahr 2019 entwickelten Blitz EK9 Karosserie, die es in zwei Dicken unlackiert geben wird.

Englische Version

The first BLITZ EK9 1/10th Bodyshell for FWD class was developed in 2019 because the EFRA GBS body rules for FWD class applied so we fine-tuned the EK9 body and made the EK9-MK2 The development of EK9- Mk2 bodyshell is based on the middle motor Front wheel driver chassis, the roof height of the Mk2 is low down 10mm, with the low profile design improving the airflow and increasing downforce, compared with EK9 the new Mk2 body can carry more corner speed, less traction roll, and much more stability. The EK9-Mk2 body included a light decal and window mask, the pre-mark body tower mounting location dots help the user easily find the right location to mount the body. 2 different thicknesses of EK9-Mk2 Bodyshell available in market #60236-07 EK9-Mk2 0.7mm Standard #60236-05 EK9-MK2 0.5mm Light


#60236 BLITZ EK9-MK2 1/10th FWD Bodyshell

Quelle / Vertrieb: Team Titan