Neue Karosserie von Mon-Tech Racing

Eine neue LMH Karosserie kommt aus dem Hause Mon-Tech Racing mit der CV-SERIES LMH.

Englische Version
Mon-tech Racing’s LMH series takes a leap forward with the arrival of the CV-SERIES bodyshell. This meticulously crafted 1/10 scale masterpiece is designed to fit both Touring Cars (190mm) and Formula 1 chassis with a 260mm wheelbase.
Unparalleled Details, Unmatched Performance: following the legacy of the LMH series, the CV-SERIES boasts exceptional precision, faithfully replicating a real car’s form and function.
Ready to Race Out of the Box: constructed from premium polycarbonate, the CV-SERIES kit comes equipped with everything you need to hit the track immediately. Headlight decals, window masks, rear wing fixing screws, and aerodynamic fin screws are all included, ensuring a smooth and frustration-free setup process.


Quelle: Mon-Tech Racing