Prodigy 12 Spy Shots

Ein interessantes Fahrzeug kommt von Josh Cyrul, der noch etwas anderes in Planung hat. Was haltet ihr davon?

Englische Version

**Prodigy 12 Spy Shots**
This is the final prototype fitting of parts so some of the anodize colors are being switched around as well as the shapes and fit of a few parts but everything is in production with a good portion of production already finished.??
I’m sure people will say it’s a copy… Until you flip it over and realize it’s for sure not. A huge % of this car is actually based off cars I drove and started designing in the mid-late 90’s. From the my heavily modified Corally F1 car to the TQ Eagle of the early 90’s and all the hand dremal’d garage experiments along the way, this one is a heavy mix of concepts I’ve tried and really wanted to put together into a singular package.
Steep learning curve ahead as we learn setups
for various races and carpets but I’m pretty happy with the foundation we have to work with.
More details coming soon…
Oh yeah, and if you think this is cool…. Just wait until you see the F1 car coming next!!


Quelle: Josh Cyrul