Jan Ratheisky gewinnt beim DHI-Cup

Wir hatten vom DHI-Cup 2017 bereits hier berichtet: –Zum Bericht– und nun kommt ein erster Bericht von Jan Ratheisky vom Event.

Englische Version

Last weekend the RC community started the year at the well-known DHI Cup in Odense – Denmark. This time I was more or less „just“ allowed to start in 3 classes so I choose TC Stock / mod and 4wd off-road.

In practice, Scott and I tried some small setup changes which ended in some very well working cars. 2nd in stock and 4th in mod. Some crazy notice: In the stock class I liked the alu flex chassis this weekend very much but in mod I choose the carbon as it worked the best.

The qualification worked out a lot better for me than I expected and I was able to set my first TQ in the Stock class and a good 6th place in mod. Also my 3D racing skills are getting a little better and it brings me up to 6th in the B main. Yea 🙂 Alex put his T4 on the 4th position despite he had the same points as the 3rd driver.

The finals:


With some crashes behind me I could more or less cruise to the win in all the mains which resulted in my first ever DHI Cup win in the stock class!


More or less I was able to play with some pros. A little bad luck in all the finals set me on the 7th spot in the end. Next year… game on guys!


Very happy with my result to end up in the B main I still have to learn very much. Some laps I just missed the jump point with fatally ends in flipping 🙂 However… A very funny class and I hope to be able to improve myself up to the next year.

See you at the next event guys!

Final results:


  1. Jan Ratheisky – XRAY T4
  2. Tom Kraegefski – XRAY T4
  3. Merlin Depta
  4. Moritz Flugge – XRAY T4
  5. Mike Gosvig – XRAY T4
  6. Max Machler
  7. Tim Benson
  8. Patrick Folman
  9. Matthias Keding
  10. Helge Johannessen


  1. Viljami Kutvonen
  2. Ronald Völker
  3. Naoki Akiyama
  4. Alexander Hagberg – XRAY T4
  5. Freddy Südhoff
  6. Viktor Wilck
  7. Jan Ratheisky – XRAY T4
  8. Patrick Hornum
  9. Yannic Prümper
  10. Markus Hellquist – XRAY T4

4WD off-road:

  1. Michal Orlowski
  2. David Ronnefalk
  3. Jorn Neumann
  4. Marc Rheinard
  5. Oskar Levin
  6. Samppa Orhanen – XRAY XB4
  7. Alexander Landen – XRAY XB4
  8. Karri Salmela
  9. Hugo Bjurman – XRAY XB4
  10. Johan Balsberg – XRAY XB4





Off-road 4wd


Quelle: Teamxray
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