RDRP Akkustrebe für B64 Serie

Revolution Design Racing Products hat eine neue Carbon Fiber Akku Platte für die Team Associated B64 Serie von 1/10-4WD Buggies entwickelt. Die Akkustrebe ist aus hochwertiger Kohlefaser gefertigt und direkt auf den B64 und B64D Haltern montiert.

Englische Version

B64 Carbon Fibre Battery Plate

Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced the new Carbon Fibre Battery Plate for the Team Associated B64 line of 1/10th scale 4WD buggies. While offering improved looks thanks to machined pockets, the plate first and foremost prevents the chassis from flexing unevenly in longitudinal direction as well as left to right. The plate’s machined slot frees up the movement of the chassis in longitudinal direction which leads to more natural pitch flex and thus greatly removed tweak issues compared to the standard battery brace. The battery brace is machined from high-quality carbon fibre and it is a direct fit on the B64 and B64D.

RDRP0411 B64 Carbon Fibre Battery Plate


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