SWORKz 1/10 S14-3 4WD Dirt Edition

Basierend auf der 2018 S14-3 Carped Edition hat SWORKz seinen 1/10 Offroad Buggy weiterentwickelt und den S14-3D (Dirt Edition) herausgebracht. 

Der S14-3D enthält viele hochwertige Teile, ein verfeinertes Stoßdämpfersystem und viele optionale Teile.



  • T7075 Aluminium-BHC-Chassis (Black Hard Coated) mit neuem Center Flex-System
  • Einzigartige 5-mm-Universal-Kreuzantriebswellen.
  • Neues Mittellayout mit Getriebedifferential
  • Neue Pro-Composite-Carbonfaser-Stoßdämpfer mit neuen geometrischen Stoßdämpferpositionen.
  • NeueDämpfergehäuse mit 3 mm Teflon-Hartbeschichteten Kolbenstangen. Standard enthalten 2 Löcher 1,6 mm und 1,7 mm Dämpferkolben aus schwarzem POM-Material.
  • Querlenker aus strapazierfähigem Nylon-Verbundmaterial.
  • Das Kit wird standardmäßig mit 9- und 11-Grad-Front-C-Hubs geliefert.
  • Vollaluminium-Querlenkerhalter
  • Standardmäßig mit Pro-Composite-Seitenschutzwangen aus hartem Material.
  • Lenkservohalterung aus Aluminium.

Englische Version

Item No. SW910032D

Item Name: SWORKz S14-3 Dirt 1/10 4WD EP Off Road Racing Buggy Pro Kit

Based on the 2018 S14-3 carpet edition, SWORKz further developed its 1/10 off road buggy and came out with the S14-3D(Dirt Edition). The S14-3D dirt edition comes with a center gear differential system. One of the buggy’s unique features is the 5mm Axle Universal Cross Drive Shafts that were specially designed and made from SWORKz 1/8th buggy steel material. For dirt off road racing, we kept the original S14-3 C-hub steering system but moved back the motor and battery positions. With this new center layout, the S14-3D has an improved overall balance. The S14-3D newly developed front and rear arms are made from strong composite nylon materials. The T-7075 aluminum chassis with its center flex system gives the buggy more rear grip. For dirt racing, the S14-3D comes standard with Pro-composite Hard Material side guard set. Equipped with the new front and rear upper carbon decks, the buggy has even more traction.

The S14-3D includes many high quality parts, a refined shock system and many option parts.

SWORKz utilizes only the highest quality materials and industry leading manufacturing processes resulting in a faster, stronger, and more reliable racing car. The S14-3 Pro Kit is designed to win.

S14-3D Pro Kit Features:

  1. T7075 aluminum B.H.C(Black Hard Coated) chassis with a new center flex system
  2. Unique 5mm Axle Universal Cross Drive Shafts.
  3. New centre layout with Gear Differential System.
  4. New Pro-composite Carbon Fiber Shock Towers with new geometry Shock Positions.
  5. New Design Shock Bodies with 3mm Teflon Hard Coated Shafts. Standard included 2holes 1.6mm and 1.7mm shock piston in black POM material.
  6. Front and rear arms made from strong composite nylon materials.
  7. Kit comes standard with both, 9 and 11 degree front C-Hubs.
  8. New Adjustable Steering Plate with New Bell Crank.
  9. Full aluminum arm holders with adjustable Toe-in Block.
  10. Standard with Pro-composite Hard Material Side Guard.
  11. 10mm moving back for battery position.
  12. Aluminum Steering Servo Mount.

S14-3D Specification:

Length: 385mm
Width: 245mm
Height: 170mm
Ground Clearance: 50mm
Wheelbase: 282-285mm
Track: F:232mm /R222mm
Gear Ratio: C:81T/19T, F/R 42/17T
Weight: 1698g (Race condition)

Quelle: MW RC Cars

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