7075.it – Awesomatix A800MMX LCG 7075 T6 Alu Chassis

Für den aktuellen Awesomatix A800MMX gibt es ein interessantes LCG Aluminium-Chassis. 

Ein niedriger Schwerpunkt wird u. a. durch passende Gewichte erreicht.

Englische Version

This chassis was designed to to accommodate weights that allow a perfect balance and a low rolling center that on track means a better model dynamism.

These new weights are fixed to the chassis by a practical screw and are positioned in holes that allow a deep development until the lower level of the chassis, lowering the model weight at its minimum.

Artikelnummer: 7075-AWX-MM

UVP: 89,00 €

Quelle: 7075.it und  ToniSport-Logo-Black_web

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