CANAS verlängert seinen Vertrag mit SWORKz

Der Spanier Juan Carlos Canas wechselte im letzten Jahr zu Sworkz und wird weiterhin im Team bleiben. Juan verlängerte seinen Vertrag mit MW RC Product und setzt auf Sworkz Fahrzeuge im Maßstab 1/10 und 1/8 Offroad. Er wird in Elektro auf MACLAN Elektronik setzen.

Englische Version

SWORKz is very happy to announce that Juan Carlos CANAS has signed a long term contract with MW RC Products. He will race our SWORKz products in 1/8 and 1/10 and MACLAN Electronics. Its a start into MW RC Products strategy, that our drivers are using manly products from our Partner companies.

Here is what Juan has to say: „ I am trusting in the long term strategy of MW RC Products and that’s why I will race with their products in the next years. The performance of SWORKz and MACLAN is top and the Team is one, where you immediately are welcome and feel home. I am looking forward to a great future !“

Max Sonnleitner points out : „ Its a good feeling, that drivers like Juan Carlos CANAS are trusting in our team strategy and the quality of our products, and make long term contracts. I am sure we will have a very successful future together.“

Quelle: MW-Cars / Sworkz

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