Dämpferschutz für den XB8 von Xray

Für manche Rennstrecken ist ein Dämpferschutz notwendig, um diese nicht zu beschädigen. Zum Zweiten dient dieser gleichzeitig dem Schutz der Dämpfer, wie hier für den Xray XB8 2022.

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Shock Tower Protector Xray XB8 2022

Introducing the Ultimate Shock Tower Protector XB8 2022 for your Xray XB8(E) 2022! These high-performance shock tower bumpers are meticulously engineered to safeguard your front shock tower with precision and finesse. Crafted from durable and wear-resistant polyurethane, they offer flexibility without compromising on strength. Let’s delve into the details:

Precision Fit: This shock tower protector XB8 2022 is compatible with OEM shock towers, ensuring seamless integration. No need to worry about compatibility issues; they’ll fit like a glove.

Durable Material: Crafted from wear-resistant polyurethane, these bumpers withstand the rigors of off-road racing. Whether you’re tackling rocky trails or dirt tracks, these protectors have your back.

Shock Performance: Designed not to interfere with shock performance, they maintain your XB8/XB8E 2022’s handling capabilities. Your shocks can still do their job effectively while staying protected.

Peace of Mind: Enjoy worry-free jumps and rough terrain. These bumpers act as your insurance against costly damage during those unexpected landings. No more cringing at hard impacts!

Cost-Effective Insurance: Instead of risking expensive repairs, invest in these bumpers. They’ll save you money by preventing damage when you least expect it.

Upgrade your XB8/XB8E 2022 today and hit those jumps with unwavering confidence!

Shock Tower Protector Xray XB8 2022


Quelle / Link: www.rcupgrade.com