Genius GTC8 – desinged von Eng. Andrea Contarini und Genius R&D

Aus den Grafiken wird nun ein Fahrzeug im Bild. Bei Genius gab es erste Bilder des neuen kommenden GTC8 Fahrzeuges zu sehen. Der Preis des Onroad 1/8 GT Nitro liegt bei 849,- € und kann vorbestellt werden.


  • New 4mm ultra-narrow multi-flex chassis. Made from Swiss Alu 7075 T6
  • Ultra narrow chassis for centering the weights and thus reducing the rolling inertia of the car
  • Predisposed holes for fixing weights (optional) in order to achieve the perfect balance of the car
  • Possibility of two extra graphite reinforcements, front and rear, with the possibility of fixing weights at different heights and positions (optional)
  • New ackermann arms and plate to get a better steering angle. Made from Swiss Alu 7075 T6
  • New separated right and left arm mount to ensure free flex of the chassis. Made from Swiss Alu 7075 T6
  • Lower and upper front and lower rear arm holders with different geometry position
  • New separate front & rear bulkheads with bearing guided anti-roll bars and open diff cases for better cooling and less weight. Made from Swiss Alu 7075 T6
  • Made from 2 pieces with precise centering thanks to centering pins
  • Easy removal of the differential
  • Plastic eccentric bearing bushings with the possibility of having two height positions of the differential
  • New ultra-precise lightweight adjustable rear up-rights (wheelbase, roll-center), made from Swiss Alu 7075 T6
  • Predisposition for aerodynamic graphite discs (optional)
  • New graphite front and rear shock towers for a more inclined shock position, resulting in a more progressive spring operation
  • New lower shock extensions, made from Swiss Alu 7075 T6