RêveD Federn für Drift RWD

Team RêveD bringt neue Federn für RWD (Drift) entwickelt. 

Die vordere Feder ist verändert, um die
Steuerbarkeit und verbesserte Reaktion wurden erreicht. Die hinteren Federn gibtes in vier Varianten mit einer groben Wicklung.

Ein spezielles Komplettset ist auch mit einem Satz aller 5 Arten von Federn erhältlich.

Englische Version

RêveD drift spring for RWD is just about ready to be released!

Specifically chosen for RWD drift has been carefully selected, the material, heat treatment and wire diameter.
By adopting a newly developed winding method, altering the contact structure for the front spring, unprecedented
controllability and improved response has been achieved.
Another new feature is by flipping the spring over (reversible use) it can also be tuned to various road surfaces instantly.
The rear springs consist of four types with a coarse winding design that emphasises not only the improvement of
the horizontal grip but also the good balance of traction in the vertical direction.

A special full box set is also available with a set of all 5 types of 2WD front and HT rear springs.

By using this all in one box set of springs, you can enjoy various course layouts, road surface

conditions and settings according to your favorite style.

https://teamreved.com/news/2020030301 / ToniSport-Logo-Black_web

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