Zwei neue Federn für die Vorderachse am X12’21

Um euren X12’21 noch feiner abstimmen zu können, gibt es von Xray zwei neue Federn für die Vorderachse. Je nach Strecke, bringt die eine oder andere ihren Vorteil.

Englische Version

New X12’21 Front coil springs for 4mm kingpin

  • Front coil spring for X12’21
  • For 4mm kingpin
  • Complete range for fine tuning
  • The higher the C value the stiffer the spring
  • Powder color-coated for quick & easy identification
  • Each color in a set of 2pcs

Ultimate-match front coil shock springs for pan car front suspension with 4mm king pin axle offer an additional range of choices to fine-tune your car. Powder color-coded for quick & easy identification. Silver color. Set of 2.

Developed through extensive testing and racing experience. Stiffness is controlled by the thickness of the wire and also by the number of coils; softer springs have a lower „C“ value, while stiffer springs have a higher „C“ value.

Fits X12’21

#372186 Front Coil Spring for 4mm Pin C=1.5-1.7 – Gold (2)

#372187 Front Coil Spring for 4mm Pin C=1.8-2.0 – Silver (2)

#372188 Front Coil Spring for 4mm Pin C=2.1-2.3 – Black (2)

Quelle:  teamxray