1989 Weltsieger RC10GX „Stealth“ Replica – Conversion Kit

Von Grand Prix 3D gibt es ein 1989 Weltsieger RC10GX „Stealth“ Replica – Conversion Kit.
Für Fans ein interessantes Kit, bei dem noch einige Teile fehlen. Dazu sollte ihr euch das Kit unter dem Link am Ende näher betrachten.

Was ist bei: (Englisch)

  • Chassis
    • 1-piece with 30 degree kick-up
    • BezerkRC plain weave carbon matte finish
  • Topdeck 
    • BezerkRC plain weave carbon matte finish
  • Topdeck Standoffs – Rear
    • Printed: PCBlend and painted silver
    • Alu option *maybe* available in future
  • Shock Tower – Front
  • Shock Tower – Rear
    • BezerkRC fibreglass
    • You can use an original 2 hole RC10 Tower, but the 4 Bulkhead mounting holes should be countersunk for exact replica
  • Brace for Front Arm Inner Hinge pins – Aluminium
  • Bulkhead – Rear (Printed: PCBlend natural)
  • Bulkhead – Front Nose (Printed: NylonG natural)
  • Suspension Arms – Rear (Printed: PCBlend natural)
  • Suspension Arms – Front (Printed: PCBlend natural)
  • Inner Suspension Mounts – Rear (Printed: NylonG natural)
  • CHOICE: Gearbox Casing (Left & Right) (Printed: NylonG natural)
    • Version A: to suit original idler with bearings in the casing
    • Version B: to suit ReRe design for shaft in casings (and bearings are in the idler gear)
    • Refer annotated image in this listing showing the comparison
  • Gearbox Standoffs 3x (to support motor plate) (Printed: PCBlend natural)
  • Gearbox Top Brace Plate (2 versions: post hole forward/rearward) (Printed: PCBlend natural)
  • Body Post Rear (replica of standard RC10 item) (Printed: PCBlend natural)
  • Body Post Front (Printed: PCBlend natural)
  • Battery Cup – Rear (as per original RC10 item – but ‚trimmed‘) (Printed: PCBlend natural)
  • Battery Cup – Front  (Printed: PCBlend natural)
  • Battery Cup – Rear body supports (as per original RC10 item – but ‚trimmed‘ – Left & Right) (Printed: PCBlend natural)
  • Battery Retainer Plate (2 types included) (Printed: PETG white)
    • Standard version for NiCad/NiMH/Shorty packs
    • Long version for 2S LIPO (suits length ~139mm) 
  • ESC Support Tray (Printed: PETG white)
  • Wheel Adapter to mount Yokomo TH-1 style wheels (2 types included) (Printed: PCBlend grey)
    • 1x pair for 3/16″ axles (designed for ReRe CVDs)  
    • 1x pair for 1/4″ axles (like original stub axle/dog bone)

Action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0wtBEXNCI8 Information: https://grandprix3d.store/pages/rc10gx-stealth-masami-1989-world-champ-replica

Quelle: Grand Prix 3D