BMT 701 Nitro 1/10

Vom neuen BMT 701 1/10 Nitro-Onroad VG10 sind nun Bilder und Infos online. Der BMT 701 muss sich in die Klasse VG10 gegen harte Konkurrenz durchsetzen. Wie sich das Fahrzeug in der Praxis durchsetzen wird, werden die nächsten Rennen zeigen. Es stehen noch einige wichtige nationale und internationale Events an.


Bei dem Baukasten handelt es sich um ein Wettbewerbsfahrzeug, bei dem Fernsteuerung, Elektronik, Reifen, Karosserie usw. typischerweise fehlen. Die zahlreichen Einstellmöglichkeiten bieten die Möglichkeit, den BMT 701 an jede Strecke und Streckenbeläge anzupassen, um dem Fahrer schnelle Rundenzeiten zu ermöglichen.


Aluminiumchassis, Kohlefaserdämpferbrücken, 2 mm Kohlefaserradioplatte, ein niedriger Schwerpunkt sind eine Details am Fahrzeug.

Sogenannte Air Disc aus Kohlefasser



Englische Version

RC Car BMT 701 Touring 1/10 Kit

The latest model car from BMT for 1/10 On / Road is finally available!

The BMT 701 is supplied in kit form , disassembled.
To complete the kit requires a 2-channel radio control , a .12 engine . and accessories for the ignition.

Lower center gravity:

Great attention was given to the ultra-low center of gravity, one of the lowest in the category thanks to the shape of the tank and the arrangement of the servants who are both lying down, which was specifically developed for this unique support that incorporates all the electronics that with only 3 screws comes off from the model facilitating maintenance operations.


Lightweight, everything has been reduced where possible, the transmission is very light and smooth, and the 2speed system is also small and lightweight, all this translates into greater engine efficiency, improved braking and lower fuel consumption.
Both the front and rear differentials are present with steel gears for greater efficacy to and reliability.


Great care has been given to the construction of the frame, which was made asymmetrical to ensure equal torque to the left and right side, made of 7075-T6, with rounded edges to improve the passage over the curbs


The suspensions have the ability to adjust the camber, toe in, the wheelbase, in a very rapid means of ball joints present, while for the anti-roll bars is chosen to focus on that wire, however, giving the possibility to mount to ‘ front classical knives.

The front hub is designed to quickly adjust the angle of the kingpin and the caster recuper so finding the right setup, and have in standard dotation, the Air Disc to improve aerodynamics.

The plastics are already in Hard version, in a special plastic compound that ensures maximum performances and robustness.
All plastics suspension can be mounted both left and right, with a nice savings on spare parts to buy.

Radio Plate:

The radio plate is manufactured from carbon 2mm, the fuel tank is fixed to them by means of metal columns in Rapid disassembly thanks to the clips.
The servo support is in one piece, with servo in laydonw position, and receiver box can be removed to save weight.
On the radio plate have the bushings for flex system.

Servo Saver:

The servo saver is realized in Ergal, is adjustable by a single screw.

Full Optional:

The brake lever, radio plate support, front bar supports are all in ergal 7075, which makes the car really Full Optional!


The clutch is of the type in Centax reverse version that make the operation of the engine better.

Technical data:

Category: 1/10 On-road
Transmission: 4wd belts
Gearbox: 2 speed
Clutch: Adjustable centax
Front Hub full adjustable
Adjustable anti-roll bars
Fully adjustable suspension
Disc brake ventilated
Low center of gravity
Radio plate and damper plate in carbon
Alu frame 3mm
75ml tank with filter
Transmission on ball bearing

Quelle: BMT Team

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