Serpent Cobra Truggy –e 1/8 4WD RTR

Serpent Cobra E-Truggy in RTR, ist ein idealer Begleiter für nahezu jedes Gelände und ist bereits vormontiert und fast fahrbereit. Die Basis ist der High-End-Wettbewerb Cobra E-Truggy, welcher ein gutes Handling, Zuverlässigkeit und Haltbarkeit bietet, bei dem der RTR in nichts nachstehen soll.Cobra-e-Truggy-text-RTR-short

Das RTR-Paket enthält:

  • vormontierte Fahrzeug
  • Fertige Karosserie und Heckspoiler
  • vormontierte Truggy-Räder
  • eingestellter 4S fähiger und wasserdichter 150A Speedo (DragonRC) Regler (bis zu 6S möglich)
  • 2000 kV Brushless Motor Longbody (DragonRC)
  • Digital-2.4 Ghz Sender mit LCD-Bildschirm (DragonRC)
  • Servo mit Metallgetriebe – 20 kg stellkraft (DragonRC-Savox)
  • 3 Kegeldifferenziale
  • Big Bore Stoßdämpfer
  • Aluminium-Dämpferbrücken
  • robuste Getrieberäder und CVD-Kardans
  • Stabis vorn und hinten
  • Aluminium-Chassisplatte
  • Komplett kugelgelagert

Batterien / Akkus für das Auto und Sender sind nicht enthalten.

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Serpent Cobra Truggy –e 1/8  4wd RTR


The electric powered Serpent Cobra E-Truggy in RTR trim is an ideal basher type car that can take a lot of beating and  its also a great package to start real racing !  Based on the high end competition Cobra E-Truggy it has the outright speed, great handling, reliability, rigidness and durability you need.

The RTR package is really dialed:

  • factory assembled racing chassis
  • prepainted and precut low type truggy body and large composite rear wing
  • premounted truggy tyres/wheels/inserts
  • pre-set 4S to 6S capable waterproof 150A speedo ( DragonRC)
  • 2000kv brushless longbody motor (DragonRC)
  • Digital 2.4ghz transmitter with LCD screen (DragonRC)
  • Metal gear servo 20kg ( DragonRC-Savox)
  • 3 oilfilled geardifferentials
  • Big bore shocks with rubber dustboots and machined aluminium shocktowers
  • Spring steel transmission parts and turnbuckles, front and rear cvd driveshafts
  • Front and rear anti-roll bars
  • Large battery-cases with easy felcron straps
  • Machined aluminium chassisplate
  • Fully ballraced
  • Batteries for the car and transmitter are not included

The bodyshell is available in orange, red, green, blue and red, as well as a clear type.

Serpent offers a wide variety of optional parts for this car to further improve performance, make it lighter or for even nicer looks.



Team Serpent

Main features


Fully expert pre assembled and pre-set  chassis and electronics.


DragonRc 2.4 GHz  steeringwheel type transmitter with LCD screen, plenty settings and good range. Comes with small and light receiver.


DragonRC waterproof speedcontroller with a massive 150A capacity to control the brushless motor  and 4S or 6S battery power


DragonRC longbody 2000kV brushless motor with easy colorcoded connectors


Prepainted and pre-cut  low e-Truggy body, in 4 main colors orange, red, Green and Blue. ( also clear one available as optional)


Premounted race ready   tyres / wheels with soft compounds and pintype profile for incredible grip.


Very narrow 3mm 7075T6 aluminium chassis. Countersunk holes,   pockets to position the suspension brackets.

Side guards / battery trays

Durable shaped composite side guards / battery trays that follow the line of the chassis, and mount with 5 screws each side. The battery trays features easy to use Serpent marked felcron TM  straps to secure the batteries in place. Fits 2S and 3S batteries.


Only one-screw  is needed to secure  the BL motor, in the nicely designed durable machined aluminium motormount.   The space for the motor allows mounting all popular buggy and (monster)truggy motors.

Front suspension

Very long and durable composite lower wishbones, combined with upper spring-steel trackrods.  2 lower shock-mount positions.  Downstops can be used as needed. Pivotball type anti-roll bar rods.   Very durable front steeringblock   /  C-hub assembly .

Drive-shafts and wheel axles

Long and lightweight spring steel units with pressed in steel pins, laser-engraved.   Same length front and rear. Serpent spring steel threaded  wheel-axles with lightweight grey anodised aluminium wheel-nuts to keep the massive truggy wheels/tyres on track.   Captured universal joints front and dogbones rear.

Front and rear shocktower

Light, strong and durable machined 5mm aluminium units with 5 positions for shockangle.

Shock-set front  and rear

16mm big bore shocks, with hard anodized precision threaded shock-bodies. Shockboots in silicone rubber to keep the dirt out . Chromed shock-shafts for supersmooth shockaction .

Gear differentials

Very small, compact design to reduce rotating mass to the max.

Rear uprights

Durable composite rear uprights with 3 camber positions

Rear wing mount and wing

The composite rear wing mount, allows to change the angle of the rear wing.  Two stage high down force wing, has two levels of angle, which also includes 2 fins. Helps improve down force and straight line capability


Full color manual showing the car, specs, tips and exploded views. The transmitter and speedo have small separate manuals included.

Quelle: Team Serpent

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