Agama A215T – Der neue Truggy

Nemo Racing präsentiert die ersten Infos zum neuen Agama A215T 1/8 Truggy. Ende November bzw. Anfang Dezember 2016 sollte die Auslieferung erfolgen. Seid gespannt auf die ersten Baukästen.

Der neue Truggy basiert auf den erfolgreichen A215 Buggy und wurde unter Leitung von Jon Hazlewood entwickelt und getestet.

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Englische Version
Features include:
-Centralized engine placement
-17mm big bore threaded shocks
-4mm shock shafts
-43/10 ring & pinion gear ratio with A215 DBS differential system
-Ferodo Style Brake System
-Updated A215 Steering system
-Widened stiffer suspension arms
-A215 Captured rear gearbox casing
-New Style Hinge Pin Holders with multiple positions and new inserts
-Clunk style fuel tank with splash shield
-Side mounted centre diff plate with brake calliper pistons
-Metric alloy steel screws
-Redesigned Bodyshell to improve durability and aerodynamic performance
-3mm CNC milled 7075 aluminum chassis widened to the A215 specification and 8mm longer
-Front & rear chassis kick-up from the A215
-Front & rear adjustable sway bars
-A215 radio tray with large compartments to handle all sizes of receiver pack

This is the A215T, which we have been getting ready for quite some time now. Its a really big step forward for us over the previous A8T, we are really proud of it. Truck is in production now and should be available world wide in 6 weeks

Artikelnummer: A215T

UVP: 549,- €

Bezugsquelle: Modellsport Zentrum Munzig (MZM)Nemo-Racing, TQ-Race-Support

Quelle: Nemo-Racing und TQ-Race-Support

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