Serpent GT Cup Championship Australia 2016

Serpent GT Cup Championship Australia 2016 was proudly supported by Walter RC Hobby.  The Championship was held in John Grant International Raceway located at Moorebank, Sydney.  Serpent GT Cup championship consisted of 3 rounds of races using points score system.  The championship driver’s title awarded to the driver who has scored the highest number of points.
Since the entry was limited to the “RTR” spec chassis, which is based on the Serpent standard 600042 RTR edition. We have manynew racers joined this competition.  WALTER RC has provided technical support for engine run in, engine tuning and car setup advice. The rule was followed the same as Asia GT Cup which limited to Serpent Novarossi pull-start engine and Dragon RC Tune pipe with controlled Rubber Tires.  In order to limit the cost for racing, all optional parts were limited to handling upgrade, like different springs and anti roll bar were allowed.


More than 25 racers have attended the competition.  As using the same platform, it has given an advantage to more experienceracers.
The competition was on between David Chen and Tommy Lee. David Chen, who has finished third in 2015 Australia National title in 1/10th 200mm Nitro Tourer. Tommy Lee, who has been racing for more than 25 years and also A-main finalist in many states and National title in 1/8th Class.


Round 1        1st May 2016

It was an exciting qualifying session and a very close race.  With everyone running the same engine, it was only a second apart from the top two drivers.  Finally David Chen has the honoured to become the first TQ of this series.  Unfortunately his tune pipe was damaged by the slower car during the 20 Minutes final. Tommy Lee has taken the win for the first round. David Chen finished second and Chris Ciappara finished third.


Round 2        20th Aug 2016

With the experience of the first round, thequalifying time was getting closer between drivers.  Time separate between top 3 by less than a second.  However David Chen was stillperformed the best overall and taken over the TQ.  Tommy Lee was right behind in the second position.  In the 20 minutes final, Tommy Lee’s engine flamed out during the start.  David Chen took the comfortable lead and won by a lap. Final results David Chen took the win, Tommy Lee finished second and Rob Russel finished third.

Round 3        5th Nov 2016

We came to the final round of the championship.  Tommy Lee and David Chen both have the same score in the final point. Tommy Lee has a better lap time in the lastqualified.  However due to engine issues, TQ was handed over to David Chen.   In the 20Minutes final, David Chen has taken an easy win on the last round.  Final results, David Chen finished First. Tommy Lee took the second. Rob Russel finished third.

After 3 rounds of racing. David Chen won the final champion who will represent Australia to attend the Serpent Asia CUP in Hong Kong.

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