Jan Bohlen jetzt bei Xray

XRAY freut sich bekannt geben zu können, dass Jan Bohlen für das XRAY-Factory Team in den 1/10 Elektro-Onroad-Klassen mit dem Xray X1 & T4 fahren wird. Jan nimmt an vielen deutschen Rennen sowie internationale Veranstaltungen wie dem ETS teil.

Jan`s beste Ergebnisse:
• Mehrere A-Finals in der Formelklasse bei ETS


Englische Version

Jan Bohlen joins XRAY
XRAY is excited to announce that Jan Bohlen has joined the XRAY factory team to race the 1/10 electric on-road classes with X1 & T4. Jan will race all the German races as well as international events such as ETS.

Jan´s achievements:
• Multiple A-Mains in Formula Class at ETS

Jan says: I have been testing different RC cars from well-known brands for German RC magazines and websites and I’ve always been aware of the outstanding quality of XRAY parts and great designs of XRAY RC cars. I finally decided to drive XRAY 2 years ago when I entered the new and rising formula class. With X1 and T4 I have been really satisfied, both with the performance at the track and with the smartness at pits. Thanks to that I was able to achieve several great results including multiple ETS A-Mains and 2 times top ten overall results. I’m very happy to get the opportunity to work closely with Team XRAY and I’m curious about the upcoming season.

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