Heckrammer für den Traxxas Electric Rustler

Für den Rustler von Traxxas hat RPM einen hinteren Rammer in drei unterschiedlichen Farben im Programm. Grün, Blau oder schwarz, ganz wie ihr möchtet.

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Rear Bumper for the Traxxas Electric Rustler

#70812    Rear Bumper for the Traxxas Electric Rustler – Black

#70814    Rear Bumper for the Traxxas Electric Rustler – Green

#70815    Rear Bumper for the Traxxas Electric Rustler – Blue

Are you looking for an actual rear bumper for your electric Rustler? We have you covered! Our new rear bumper is designed to protect the rear of the chassis, the motor and the body, all while still allowing the use of a stock Traxxas Wheelie Bar (Traxxas #3678 – not included). Additionally, if you decide to run without the Wheelie Bar, our rear bumper is so versatile, it’ll adapt and allow either configuration.

The RPM Rear Bumper for the electric Rustler is designed tough, with serious impact absorption characteristics built in. With the use of an RPM Rear Bumper Mount (RPM #80902 or #80905 – not included), the protection for the motor becomes nearly indestructible!

Each RPM Rear Bumper is made in the USA from our engineering grade nylons and is backed by our limited lifetime warranty against breakage.

Tech Notes: RPM Rear Bumpers for the Traxxas Electric Rustler require a bumper mount (either a Traxxas #3677, RPM #80902 or RPM #80905 – not included) or a Wheelie Bar (Traxxas #3678 – not included) to install. If your version did not come with a bumper mount or wheelie bar, you will need to acquire one prior to installing. Works with most known Traxxas Rustler bodies. Aftermarket or non-standard bodies may require trimming for proper fit. Will not fit the Nitro Rustler.

Suggested Retail Price: $11.95

Quelle: RPM

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