Yokomo präsentiert neue Teile für die YZ-2-Serie

Neue Servohebel bietet Yokomo für die YZ-2-Serie aus Aluminium mit 23T und 25T an. Der Abstand von Lochmittel zur Lochmitte beträgt 15,5 mm.

Artikelnummer: Z2-20423
Bezeichnung: Aluminum 15.5mm Servo Horn for Sanwa/KO 23T
UVP:  1,380 JPY (excluding tax)

Artikelnummer: Z2-20425
Bezeichnung: Aluminum 15.5mm Servo Horn for Yokomo/Futaba 25T
UVP :  1,380 JPY (excluding tax)

Englische Version

Servo mount made of aluminum which enhances the steering response. The length from the servo axis center to the servo rod mounting pivot is 15.5 mm, which is the optimum design for the YZ-2 series.
In the racing truck YZ-2T which was released the other day, the force applied to the steering is quite large, and it is possible to increase the direct feeling of the steering by mounting the servo horn made of aluminum.
We have lineup of 23T and 25T tailored to the two types of spline shafts that conform to servos made by each brand. When using Yokomo ZERO brushless servo, please use 25T for Yokomo / Futaba

Quelle: Team Yokomo / Team Yokomo Drift / ToniSport-Logo-Black_web

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