Marco Baruffolo siegreich beim One Race One Man Race, Italien

Am letzten Wochenende gab es das erste große Ereignis des Jahres 2019 mit dem „One Race One Man“ . Das Rennen fand auf der fantastischen Strecke von IBR Padova statt. Für dieses Rennen war die Strecke für alle neu. Daher nutzten die Teams am ersten Tag, die Strecke kennenzulernen und die Reifen zu wählen. Marco Baruffolo entschied mich für HotRace Bangkok SS für meinen E-Buggy und HotRace Sahara SS für Nitro-Klasse.

Das Endergebnis 1/8 E Buggy:
  1. Marco Baruffolo – XRAY XB8E
  2. Robert Batlle – Mugen
  3. Alex Zanchettin

In der Nitro-Klasse war es deraamtierende IFMAR-Weltmeister Davide Ongaro, der sich im Finale durchsetzen konnte. Im Finale war Davide sehr schnell und niemand konnte ihn schlagen. Marco hatte viele Fehler gemacht und hinter Ongaro und Berton den 3. Platz belegt!

Gesamtergebnis 1/8 IC Buggy:
  1. Davide Ongaro – Asso
  2. Riccardo Berton – Kyosho
  3. Marco Baruffolo – XRAY XB8 – FX

Den ausführlichen Bericht gibt es in der englischen Version

Englische Version

Race Report by Marco Baruffolo:

During the last week there was the first big event of the 2019 „One Race One Man“. The race took place at the fantastic track of IBR Padova. For that race the track was new for everyone so we used the first day to learn the track and choose the tyres and I decided for HotRace Bangkok SS for my e-buggy and HotRace Sahara SS for nitro class.

On the first day I also needed to set up my new FX engine and my new Hobbywing and Sunpadow! During the second day we did onle 3 practices of 10 minutes for both categories and the track changed a lot because of the use of aditive. On Friday morning we did the controlled practice and finished 2nd nitro and 3rd in e-buggy. I used the qualiess to try to settle in the best way my cars for the final day and I made also a TQ round in both categories that allowed me to start with N.1 in the nitro semi B and with N.2 in the e-buggy semi A.

On Sundaym during the free practice I felt really well with my e-buggy while my nitro was a little nervous. First, there was the e-buggy semi final where I finished 2nd behind Davide. The grid line for the final was: 1 Ongaro 2 Baruffolo and 3 Batlle.

During the A1 Davide and me were able to take a little gap to the rest of the group and after 4 minutes I passed Davide and took the lead and I won. In A2 Davide wrong in the first lap and allowed me to take the lead and won also that final and took the overall win!!

1/8 E Buggy Results:

  1. Marco Baruffolo – XRAY XB8E
  2. Robert Batlle
  3. Alex Zanchettin

In nitro class I won my semifinal but I was slower than Ongaro and started behind him for the final. In the final, Davide was really fast and no one could beat him. I did to many mistakes and finished 3rd behind Ongaro and Berton!

1/8 IC Buggy Results:

  1. Davide Ongaro
  2. Riccardo Berton
  3. Marco Baruffolo – XRAY XB8 – FX

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