Neu – ROCHE Rapide F1 EVO2

Mit einigen Neuerungen kommt von Roche der neue Formel 1/10 Elektro mit dem Namen ROCHE Rapide F1 EVO2. Neues Chassis, Power Pod, vordere Querlenker uvm..

Englische Version

<NEW for ROCHE Rapide F1 EVO2>
– New design graphite main chassis, lower pod plate, rear pod plate, front lower arm, caster adjust plate, top deck, chassis brace, upper pod plate, battery holder.
– New design chassis allow to adjusts the wheelbase of the front suspension in +/- 5mm.
– New design graphite top deck to improve chassis flex and chassis support when on powering. Two damper positions selectable on top deck.
– New design 7075 aluminum front bulkhead to connect upper and lower arm.
– New design 7075 aluminum servo mount. Servo position changeable for weight balance.
– New design steering arm mount, easy ackerman adjustment.
– New design camber and caster adjust plate, five difference camber angle and four angle caster angle selectable.
– New design DVS-V3 center damper. Quick rear droop adjustment.
– New design more friction side tube.
– New design motor mount and rear bulkhead. Red/Black two tones anodize.
– New design center pivot system. High / lower pivot position selectable.
– New designed independent wing mount system. Seven rear wing position selectable.
– New design o-ring type battery mounting chassis brace. 3 position forward / backward selectable.

Quelle: Tonisport und  Roche